MB Memorial Cancer Care Centre

MB Memorial Cancer Care Centre was set with the aim of giving the best care to all the patients in oncology as well as other services. The aim is to ensure that the patient is looked after until he is completely healthy and recovered. Nothing comes above the care of the patient.

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We wish to provide our services of utmost care in the most affordable, cost-effective way. To do so, the MB Memorial Cancer Care Centre has its faculty looking after its patients who are in life-threatening situations or require palliative care. We also see that a team of experienced physicians, doctors and surgeons are there to keep track of the patient’s medical condition. Our team is compassionate and puts high-quality patient care above all.

Besides the doctors, we have radiologists, staff who have specially been trained to work in the various cancer treatment units, excellent and attentive nurses, paramedics that are at the patient’s side at the sign of any emergencies, as well as therapists and specialists who help the patient with rehabilitation.

We believe in teamwork, timely accessing, better techniques, generational technology and productive treatments, which enable us to achieve high performance and patient contentment with assured feedback.

We have the required expertise with over a decade of experience in treating all types of cancers and are reliable to deliver the best performance. Our first-class resources in the services we provide are capable of achieving the very highest standards of healthcare.

The staff also help the family of the patient deal through this tough ordeal and treat them with the utmost respect. MB Memorial Cancer Care Centre is one of the top cancer care hospitals in Chennai, and we have been providing various forms of cancer support over many years.